Uncomfortable Loudness Test?

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      I think I'm going to book another evaluation with an audiologist I've found that's local to me. My first question is; what's an uncomfortable loudness test? I get the idea of what it entails but isn't it dangerous or risky to be doing it with T patients?

      This is copied straight from their website and details what I'd get for £125:

      What to expect when you see us

      Contact us to arrange your customised therapy & advice

      We offer the highest quality advice and treatment for tinnitus. Having ran a tinnitus clinic since 2001 Steven has gained a lot of knowledge and knows what does and doesn’t work for tinnitus patients.

      On your first appointment we will firstly spend some time investigating your tinnitus and can determine if a treatable medical condition exists or if further evaluation from an ENT is necessary. To do this we will perform;

      • Full medical history, to determine any factors which may need to be assessed before we can proceed. We are not medically qualified, so we have a strict criteria you must meet to ensure you are getting the best advice. Should you fail any of these we will refer you to an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Consultant.
      • Otoscopy to examine your ears for any damage,
      • Pure Tone Audiogram hearing test to determine if any damage has arisen to the auditory system,
      • Uncomfortable Loudness Level Testing, to determine your tolerance levels to louder sounds, in tinnitus sufferers this can be reduced.
      • Tinnitus Pitch match and loudness testing to determine the exact sound an get a baseline for reference
      • Tympanometry, to determine the correct function of the middle ear
      • Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Questionnaire – to give a baseline of your tinnitus, for future reference & comparison
      Once we have performed the appropriate testing as above, we will then spend some time explaining the results to you in detail. We will then discuss your treatment plan and can recommend any other treatment options that may be suitable for you.

      We can offer you an appointment at either our consulting rooms at Spire Little Aston Hospital or Sutton Medical Consulting Centre

      The total cost for this comprehensive assessment is £125
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      The reason I want to do this is because I still feel like I haven't been examined. After seeing 2 Drs and 2 ENTs I've yet to have any real physical examinations. All they have done is look in my ears with an otoscope and given me an audiogram.

      I would have thought an MRI scan or something more detailed would have been done by now to rule out any other causes. At the end of the day tinnitus is just a symptom but I'm sick of being fobbed off. None of the Drs seem interested in looking for a cause. If nothing can be found then it's obviously noise damage. The issue I have is that I've got really bad allergy problems, I'm actually under an ENT and need to take a strong steroid spray called Dymista. I also believe I've got an acid reflux issue - I've had it in the past and needed medication - at the moment every time I eat I spent the next 2 hours trying to clear my throat. This is either post nasal drip, an allergic reaction or acid reflux.

      My first consult for these issues was around a month before my T got louder and lately I've been reading a hell of a lot of info associating these problems with tinnitus. I spoke to the ENT I'm under for my allergies and she completely brushed it aside. She couldn't have been less interested if she tried. It really annoyed me at the time because I felt like my questions hadn't really been resolved.

      All I want now is to be checked over. For all I know my Eustachian tubes may be blocked or inflamed. I may have fluid behind my ear drum etc. I simply do not know and I've been told by my mother in law (senior audiologist) that my ear drums look slightly dull, not as luminescent as she'd expect.
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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
      Did you ever have this uncomfortable loudness test done? My audiologist wants to do that test with me next time, but I am scared. She promised me it doesn't damage hearing at all. It simply tells what level is comfortable. When the sound gets uncomfortable you push a button and it stops. It sounds like a lab rat experiment. I am just curious on anyone's experience or opinion.

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