Unexpected Relief from Tinnitus by Cutting Gluten and Specific Food Additives

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      I am glad I came across this site by accident so as to briefly share how I discovered what causes my tinnitus and therefore how to avoid it.

      At 48 years old I discovered I am celiac so I cut out gluten. Tinnitus continued - I had no reason to think it would go.

      Over the next few months, although a general big relief from giving up gluten and quite a reduction in the amount and strength of the tinnitus, a wide array of symptoms I was expecting to clear up from giving up gluten were not going.

      After taking careful notice of ingredients from the foods I was eating, I noticed that the tinnitus was adjusting in strength according to which food additives such as dextrose and yeast extract etc and also there were changes to the tinnitus strength which depended upon other things such as if I was consuming sugar in tea etc. I decided to accept the tinnitus as a guide to food additives that were no good for me. This was very useful but became very confusing so I then decided to cut out all food additives so as to work out which additives were causing which reactions. Over the next few days the tinnitus became very much weaker and over the next couple of weeks it has stopped.

      From there I was able to add them back in to my diet in tiny amounts individually at a time and check which were causing the tinnitus and other symptoms. Tinnitus was almost instant on consuming various additives and lasted different lengths of time depending on which additives and also if I had been consuming sugar.

      Also I noticed that different types of sugar such as brown or white / demerara or muscovado effected the strength of tinnitus. Coffee could also affect it.
      Although tinnitus would generally come on fairly instantly it could last for days for the tiniest additive consumed.

      It is 3 years later now and I generally live without gluten and any food additives and I am, unless I get caught out or make a mistake, tinnitus free. It has been a maddening process of elimination - tinnitus was by no means the worst of the symptoms I suffered but turned out to be a useful guide and still is the first clue to let me know that I have made a dietary mistake or something that is not based on additives such as pesticides etc on fruit which I now wash as a rule.

      It's been a very interesting and enlightening three years - hope something there can be of use / inspiration to people here.

      Bless all,

      PS. Sugar has proved to be fine as long as I don't consume gluten or those pesky additives.
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