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      My T worsened 1,5 week ago, and i've tried to identify what's new.

      I've had the T since late 2012. It was a 2/10 high pitch tune on both my ears, i quickly got use to it. Then while studying for an exam i noticed that i could hear the T even when listening to some music (only on my left ear). I got really stressed in the beginning, but i have kind of accepted it now. (still have a hard time sleeping). Since my T worsened i've focused to try to figure out what this new sound is. I have a conductive hearing loss on my left ear.

      I still have the high pitched tune on both ears but now a 3/10. When i press my teeth together this tune gets a higher pitch and gets louder, or maybe a new tone?

      The new tone is a (narrow-isj) band passed noise on my left ear. This noise is a 6/10. My left ear has been sore as well. The noise has a lower frequency than the bilateral, but still pretty high (5k isj). This tone stays the same when i press my teeth.

      I also have a low frequency pulsating hum on my left ear. Though i it might have been there since my T was first introduced.

      I have accepted that i'll never get ridd of it, but i really want the new tone to get lower, and get ridd of the pain in the ear. I've been to a GP so the hope of earwax/infection is lost. Going to a ENT but haven't gotten an appartement yet.

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