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      October 29, 2013 at 10AM
      Does anyone else experience this? My ringing has been constant in the left ear for 2.5 months. It is not a high pitched ringing but a whistling, chirping, squealing, hissing. It has changed sound pretty much every week and there are days (like yesterday) where it was really low and quiet and then there are days where it is terribly annoying (like today). There seems to be nothing predictable about it. I also experience some reactivity (I think it is reactivity), where I notice it gets irritated with certain sounds of spaces (i.e., I have noticed certain acoustics in rooms make it more noticable). I also experience clicking on and off when I swallow (I have always had ear clicking...even as a child). I also feel some drainage down my throat at times...even though the ENT said there is no visible fluid. There is sometimes pain in the eustachian tube (not crazy pain...just noticeable). This all started after I experienced a viral cold (I think). Anyhow, what makes this so incredibly difficult and exhausting is that it is a different sound everyday it seems. I have no idea if it is working its' way out or just moving to new parts of the ear. I would say that I am doing much better than I was 2 months ago but there are moments (like this) when I am tired and just want to experience a moment of calmness. I notice that I don't notice it when I am moving around or walking. Anyhow, I wanted to see if anyone experiences this. I know that traditional ringing is noise induced and ususally entails a high pitched ringing. Mine has never been a ringing sound per se.

      I am going to the ENT on Tuesday (again and again) because I want to know what the hell is happening. It seems that we all experience different types of sound. If anyone experiences this type of change...your thoughts/guidance/assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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      Hello! good to have you on board:) The only thing I can suggest is changing ENTs (if you havent done that already). Sometimes doctors can be wrong and it is always good to see more than one specialist (learnt it the hard way). Also, maybe try finding someone in your area who either specializes in tinnitus or has previous experience. I think if you google the information could be found.

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