Unsure of Why My Tinnitus Is Reduced, What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, Feb 18, 2015.

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      So as I site here, my T sometimes spikes and sometimes is barely noticeable. I remember the first time I had T, I was lying in bed the same night of my root canal and then clenched really hard that a flash of light came in my head and my T started since then.

      It got progressively WORSE over the next few months, to the point that my ears were actually itching me inside of it. HOWEVER, the past year, has been a drastic reduction... and I'm confused as to what the root cause of the reduction is. So let me explain and give you what my options could be:

      Liver Issue: Almost 2 years ago, I found out I had Hepatitis B. Apparently it is a chronic case that went active. At some point, I decided to take the treatment that was being thrown at me. Since I wasn't feeling right, the treatment was necessary and worked wonders. As I was being treated, things seem to taper down a LOT, even with the T (I now have no ears itching either).

      Option: Someone suggested that if I think T is being caused from the liver, to go seek accupuncture and see if this helps resolve it. I'm considering it, especially after readng this: http://www.pingminghealth.com/article/273/which-internal-organ-dysfunction-relates-to-tinnitus/
      Accupuncture can be between $60-$100 a pop and there's no gurantee it works.

      TMJ/Bite: Since my T started when I clenched my teeth, I assume that the dental work I had was the root cause of my T. Over that time, I had my dental crowns re-adjusted twice. Eventually, I decided to replace the gold crowns with porcealin crowns. My dentist did his BEST to try and make sure the bite is even. Things got better but, unfortunately, I am stll uncertain if things got better because of this or because of my medication I was on since they all occurred at the same time.

      Option: I recently saw a neuromuscular dentist for my TMJ issue. He confirmed that I clench and also confirmed that my bite was off on the side with my crowns. He reccommended I do the TMJ treatment here, http://www.designsfordentalhealth.com/services/tmj.php which would cost me $2900 out of pocket. He also said that I need braces, and suggested Invisalign (Probably another 3K right there). He did feel a muscle imbalance in my head, which he said is caused by the uneven bite.

      Herniated Discs: I'm unsure if this is the cause of my T but I am listing it. A lot of this started when I went to PT for a neck injury. I slowly started to feel off balance and dizzy, at the same time also felt very sick. Came down with the virus and instead of PT, I kept going to chiropractors because I did not know what was causing my problems. I was getting adjusted while my body was weak so I stopped going to chiropractors. As I gained strength back, my neck was starting to hurt more and more. Finally got an MRI done, 2 herniated discs and 2 bulged discs along with a little stenosis.

      Option: Get back to a chirorpactor or some form of PT and hope it gets resolved. Or go see a neurologist and get neck surgery. All's I know is that my neck gets super tight when I sit down and some days, I can barely keep it up. Since there is a coorelation between neck and T in some cases, the surgery is being considering but missing time at work will not be easy for me.

      What would you guys reccommend?
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      I have most of those issues also. However, I would not recommend spine surgery yet, for the discs and stenosis, as you may be on the road to many revisions once you start that. Spine surgery doesn't fix the weak muscles or the tightness so it's just a thought.

      Conservative methods like PT, acupuntcure, chiro, trigger point therapy and steroid injections before any spine surgery would be the best course for now.

      Let us know what course you decide on and if you get even more relief.
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      I am thinking the same thing, especially with neck surgery. I do some disc decompression therapy on myself at home but strongly considering all options other than chiro. My neck isn't in "pain" though.

      Anyway, I think accupuncture to see if I can clear or help the T will be beneficial first. Might be my first (and cheapest) option. Gonna give that a go but always open to other suggestions.

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