Unsure What Type of Tinnitus I Have and What Tests Do I Need Done?

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      Acoustic Trauma/Microsuction/Irrigation
      Hello everyone, new here.

      My story:

      April 3 (a few weeks ago): Exposed to loud sound in right ear while wearing one earbud, surprising sound. Only aching in ear at that time and sound sensitivity.

      April 7: Went to doctor for aching and to have an audiogram done. They required me to have ear irrigation and microsuction to check eardrum and have the test done due to earwax. Audiogram was "almost normal" with very minimal hearing loss in right ear, not even a 2 dB drop. I was prescribed 10 mg Prednisolone, Sermion, Betahistine.

      April 8: Woke up at 4 am with horrible ringing, 10/10 bad. Didn't go away for 2 days.

      April 10: Went to doctor and he prescribed 30mg Prednisolone.

      April 11: Woke up with almost no symptoms, felt cured. As the day went on the ringing came back but was more faint.

      Over the next few days it changed from ringing, to cicadas, to electrical sounds, hisses, all kinds of sounds, but never went away and seemed to stick around with only the mornings where it was very low. But better than the first two days.

      Went back to doctor after a week, I was prescribed 60 mg Prednisolone since the 30 mg seemed to be helping but not quite doing the trick. Currently on this now (14 day total treatment and a taper starting in a few days).

      So I hear cicadas most of the time, and it seems to ebb and wane with my pulse, but I also sometimes just hear ringing, or other sounds that don't seem pulse related. Sometimes right ear, sometimes left, sometimes head. The pulse symptom is much more obvious when I'm walking or doing anything, possibly reactive to sound. Jaw very tight, ear aches still, whole side of the head just feels sore or achey.

      Is it automatically pulsatile tinnitus or does everyone with cicadas hear them ebbing every second when being active? It sounds just like crickets sometimes, the way they ebb and wane their sound every second. I'm confused because I saw a post on here where someone described cicadas as pulse-timed and people said that's pulsatile tinnitus, which is supposed to be more rare. But I've heard tons of people say they have crickets. Is it a constant cricket sound that doesn't ebb and wane with regular tinnitus? Or is it just like real crickets where they do ebb and wane?

      I've had a few mornings this week where I heard absolutely nothing for at least 15 minutes, then the sounds start and stay there until the next day. And the tightness in my ear and head is making me wonder if something got messed up during the irrigation that maybe it needs to calm down and it will hopefully go away? Is there any specific test I should have to check into this?

      Thank you for reading this.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. It is hard to say whether you have pulsatile tinnitus as your new tinnitus is still evolving and morphing with different symptoms which is common for a new tinnitus due to unstable ears. It may take 6 months or more for your ears to heal and become more stable.

      Try to read the Success Stories to learn how others have recovered and so you can have hope for your recovery. Your periods of silence are a good sign. They may become more frequent with longer period. Stay positive as much as you can.

      Best to you. God bless your recovery.
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      Acoustic Trauma/Microsuction/Irrigation
      @billie48, thank you very much for the welcome and that info. Makes sense. God bless you as well with this scourge of a thing.
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