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      Don’t be so surprised if you encounter the unexpected and out of the norm situations happening as the planet that symbolizes “sudden illumination” Uranus that has been transiting through the sign of Aries symbolically shifts into Retrograde phase at 24 degrees on July 30th, 2016. It is best to plan to be adaptable the week leading up to and the week after this energetic shift.

      Some of you may know that Uranus as a planet in astrology symbolizes awakening, liberation and rapid accelerated evolution. It also symbolizes futuristic, eccentric, out of the norm, unconventional and humanitarian. The transit of Uranus in Aries has seared new pathways and shaken up the status quo of life as each person knew it to be year past. The transit of Uranus in Aries has even jolted people to wake up out of the repeated trauma loop and stuck in a groove. The main theme for this transit from my perspective is; “A Call for Action.”

      Sometimes the waking up activation happens through sudden loss or a dramatic change of some kind (job, relationship, loved one, home relocation, health crisis) and thus on a Spiritual level, this represents a sudden new opportunity of possibility for evolution. Even if the egoic mind can’t comprehend the entirety of the situation or issue at first, life brings insight as to something big is happening in the name of evolution and growth.

      Uranus in Aries shifting into “Retrograde” phase symbolizes an introspective time where each person has a chance to review, revise and restructure past actions, choices, plans and so forth from the last several months when Uranus was in direct motion. How far have you ventured onto this new path? Where did you use courage in new ways? Has your confidence to consciously make changes increased?

      Uranus transits symbolize “evolution” and it is all about making progress. And this powerful planet and its symbolism knows precisely what needs to happen to shake someone awake from ignorance, denial and clinging to the past.

      During the week or few days leading up to Uranus in Aries retrograde there are quite a few surprises and whether they are labeled good or bad, they simply are there to highlight, illuminate and create shifts for transformation – in an unexpected way both individually and collectively. It is helpful to slow down and not be swept up in the discombobulation or anxiety. Find ways to get back into your body and feel grounded.

      How this particular phase of development influences you depends on your personal Natal chart and what transit activates. Even if something appears to shock you at first, there is potential for new awareness and opportunity for action. Keep your aim steady on that focus.

      Uranus is nearing the last section by degree of the sign of Aries. Which means some of the more relevant themes, issues and qualities are even more intensified and activated due to Uranus preparing to finish up the transit in one sign and enter another one. Uranus will shift into direct motion in Aries on December 29th, 2016. And then continue its transit and finish up its trek through the action oriented sign of Aries.
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      Holy shit I wish I could find meaning in all of this like you do. Whats interest you in astrology and do you just choose to believe in that sort of things by willing to find meaning in the question that have no answer or you found discoveries that the position of space mater have a direct impact on your/the reality

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