vestibular neuritis and tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dhaval, Aug 27, 2013.

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      Hi guys,

      Ever since I've had tinnitus, I've also had dizziness and floaters and nausea (although not that much). Anyone have any info or know anyone who has had tinnitus and neuritis together. The problem has been that I just can't seem to find the cause i.e.,
      1. SNHL one of my audiograms detected a dip at 4k... which has recovered since.
      2. I had a viral infection i.e., mumps. Which got cured. But I was given a course of levofloxacin.
      3. I also had a very bad cold.
      4. Then I had vertigo and tinnitus really bothered me.
      All of this in a very short period. Sounds complicated I know... after going to about 10 docs no one has a clue. A neurologist did mention that vestibular neuritis can be accompanied by tinnitus.

      Any help information and support is most welcome.

      Thanks a million,
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      Hi Dhaval,
      I have had pretty similar issues as yourself. All of mine happened in a 6 month time frame. I went to an Ent and they were just hopeless, couldn't find anything wrong. I will be seeing another specialist in a couple of months and I hope for better results.
      Do you still have the dizziness/ vertigo?
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      Hi.....ahh you donno how much hope you brought me just by replying....mostly cause I just can't seem to relate to thank you. I thought it'll be impossible to find someone with matching circumstances.

      On your question. Well yes I do get vertigo but it's mostly in the mornings about an hour after I wakeup. Its transient most times but I had a bit of an attack (again controllable) yesterday afternoon. I took betahistine (I've been very stingy with it to allow faster recovery) and it kinda helped. I've had severe vertigo only in the start. Also I suspect mine is on both sides...more on the left I suppose.

      Please do share what's been happening to you.hopefully we can be of help to each other.

      Take care

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