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      Thank you for this forum - firstly. I felt so isolated until I came across this Support Forum & THANK YOU - I don't feel so alone now. My family in South Africa laughed when I told them that I had ringing in my ear from an op I had 3 months ago - 'Oh they said at least you'll have music where-ever you go!"

      Yes right NO SLEEP, frustration - trying to have a social life - my life had become a nightmare & especially as I am allergic to most medication! NOW I must let every one know....STRESS is my factor in this whole thing & I was fortunate enough to find a MASSAGE therapist that knows about this 'condition' - she has being a God-sent.

      Try massage - I'm still going through the process & will keep updating on here.
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    2. James
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      Welcome @Victoria
      I hope you find that path to cope with it all and that massage sounds like a good idea.
      I've only had a couple of massages in my life. I'd like to find a way to get better myself.
      I also think the forum is great, for those with T, we understand here.
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    3. BobDigi
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      You certaily not alone. I never got much support from friends or family when I first got tinnitus. My mum was the only person who helped. People only understand what they can see.
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    4. amandine

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      Hi All,
      Support huh!
      Not only did i not get any support, i have am still being screamed at and told that partner can no longer stand this tinnitus thing. Doctors have basically ignored me here. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no social outlet at all. TV is my only companion and this forum and skype chats. Just rang UK to try to find somewhere that i can go so that i can be in my own country in my own language (as would preferably prefer to do the trials am-101 there). After months of trying to get hold of my friends there, finally someone answered the phone. Till now it has been only voicemail continually with no response to my messages or my emails. Now i have found out why. These people in UK are a couple man and woman. The man has just recently been diagnosed with terminal prostrate cancer. Prior to this and the last I heard till now was in April, was that he had most of his bowel removed in an urgent operation following severe stomach pains which resulted in a lifelong colestomy bag but he was assured that he did not have cancer, had a hip replacement (in april) had loads of scans and mri's and blood tests etc..., had atrial fibrillation, has severe pains in his chest (which was only recently found due to tumours on his spine now reduced with radio therapy), and in all of this going on, somehow the doctors MISSED the fact that he had cancer in his prostrate (which can be detected in a blood test).
      Now they have found it, it is too late to do anything. It has progressed too far and is in his bones. So the magnificent western medicine is now sending him to be part of a phase 3 clinical trial on a new drug to see whether this will delay his death for a while. He is suing everyone of course and i hope that the fight in him and the anger keeps him going. How can they have missed his prostrate cancer in all of these procedures that he has undergone. Simple, they are incompetent. He is now seeing whether he is allergic to something in the new trial drug cos if he is he cannot have it. The trial is 3 phase. One is to have his testicles removed. Second is to have only the drug. Third is to have his testicles removed plus have the drug. He wont know which one he is on until he is randomized. Anyhow it cannot cure him but only prolong his life. His wife is suicidal through depression.
      As for me, now I of course cannot turn to them to have somewhere to go in UK so I am stuck in France with my situation and my T. Had my first proper sleep last night but the T is louder which makes no sense. Where and what do i do about all of this. I cannot simply pack a bag and arrive in UK with no where to go. Local council will probably leave me on the street to sleep. So I have to stay here in this unhealthy and unhappy situation.
      Just wanted to write this so that we can all put our pain and suffering into perspective.
      My friend in UK is only 64 and all of this started a couple of days before his 63rd birthday. It is horrendous just as T is horrendous.....I wish us all well. If anyone has any ideas about UK please let me know cos i have exhausted mine. Friends only cared about me when I was useful to them or was well. Now no-one gives a damn about me.
      Hope we all get better.....
      Sorry for the post if it is wrong to write this but I only just got this terrible news from my friend in UK.....
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    5. awbw8

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      Hi @Victoria! Welcome. You're not alone here and I think massage can really almost cure someone who has tinnitus caused by some sort of bodily strain. That's not for me unfortunately, but I would still never turn down a good massage haha :)

      Good luck with everything and we're happy you're here!
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      Amandine ,you've got no one in UK at all I'm sure your age alone ,something can be done ,I'd get in touch with Age Concern ,see if they can help ,explain your situation ,and how desperate you are to get back to UK ,your over 60 so I'm sure they would help .,put you onto where you can get help .You should have done this months ago ,better to be sick in your own country ,than a foreign one ,no matter how our NHS is .
      Sorry to hear about your friends husband ,sad what he's going through ,my lovely uncle has just recently passed from prostate cancer ,had it 12 yrs ,another uncle passed with same cancer last October ,he to had it for 12 yrs ,it's terrible how they missed it ,had ample time to find it ,with all his hospital treatments .So many cancers missed these days ,not just in UK .till it's to late .My husband gets his PSA levels checked every year ,but lot of men don't .
      All you can do is support your friend ,what a sad time .
      Hope you keep trying to get back to UK .
    7. billie48

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      Hi Victoria, glad to hear you are helped by massage. I am from Vancouver BC, so if you need some local support, you can do conversation with me. I don't know if I can help but I will try. You can read my success story post here so you know my situation:

      You can leave a comment after reading so I can follow up with your case.
    8. amandine

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      Thanks for your message.
      Sadly I must have written it badly as I am not over 60 - the only age i mention in the post is my friends husbands age who is 64 now and it all started a year ago just before his 63rd birthday.

      So no Age Concern will do nothing for me and I am not entitled to a pension.
    9. Mickal

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      Victoria, just to let you know i'm with you, i'm with for a month, i kinda got use to it, still hoping it will fade away someday, until then i'll try my best to help anyone in need :)

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