Video Series: Total Tinnitus Remission / Patient #8 / By Dr. Tanit Ganz Sanchez

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      This series showcases people with tinnitus where it has disappeared completely (remission). They are part of a series by Dr. Tanit Ganz Sanchez, a part of a research project looking at tinnitus remission cases.

      It is important to remember that these patients were fully assessed, with a treatment designed specifically around their diagnosed causes. It is also important to understand that tinnitus can have various causes and co-morbidities that can make it a challenge to treat, even for the best professionals with the highest level of knowledge. There is no tinnitus cure that can effectively be relied on.

      These videos are here as a demonstration that tinnitus is not necessarily permanent, you may recover spontaneously or by adopting lifestyle or medical changes, however there are no guarantees. Always remember that the people you see on the internet (the writer of this included) represent the 1-2% where tinnitus is a real problem – you don’t hear much from the 98%.

      If you cannot see the above embedded Facebook video, watch it on YouTube
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