Viral Hearing Loss

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      Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
      Like most people here, i've been lurking this site for some time now and decided to share my story to see maybe if there is someone who can relate. Ill start by saying that i am only 23 years old and in fairly good health for my age. In Feb I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in the ear) which caused Bells Palsy on the right side of my face and a hearing loss in my right ear. Thankfully the Bells recovered within 5 weeks and my hearing improved from the moderate loss to mild. Unfortunately I am left with tinnitus in one ear which is worse then the hearing loss itself. At first I was devastated by the sound in my head and tried to mask it any way possible, depression set in very fast and like many people on this site, suicide crossed my mind as the only escape from this noise. I kept saying "why me? why me? What have I done to deserve such torture" . I even went to hyperbaric oxygen therapy after reading some success stories on this site, unfortunately I dont feel it has had an effect on my situation, but has made a large dent in my bank account ;). I have been taking numerous supplements for months now including; Ginko, magnesium, copper/zinc, lipoflavanoids, B complex, vitamin c,d, NAC but again haven't found much, if any, relief. I have also recently purchased a hearing aid which does help with the tinnitus and hearing loss and it pairs with my iphone so i can stream white noise sounds when the ringing gets too bothersome. I do have good days and bad days but most importantly try to keep my mind off of it (as hard as it may be at times). Im hoping that with time it will continue to become less bothersome for me and eventually be able to go a whole day without thinking about it.
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      I read about Ramsay Hunt Syndrome-scary! Some people are left with permanent facial paralysis. You should thank our God for being healed!

      You are a young guy, full life ahead. Your tinnitus is what they call "acute" or "sub acute". It can improve! Don't lose hope. If you are religious, pray.

      Welcome and thanks for sharing your story.
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      Stay strong young man. You have youth on your side and plenty to look forward to. God's blessing to you.

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