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    1. nmackintosh

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      Loud noise ruptured eardrum
      Wondering if anyone has had any success taking vitamin b12?
    2. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      I take 2500mcg of methyl B12 and a good quality super B complex. I also take a product called OGF, which is original glutathione formula. Among it's other ingredients, it has NAC. I also started taking German E standard Gingko Biloba. It's by Life Extension and is the highest quality on the market. My reason for Gingko, is it is believed, that my right inner ear, lost micro circulation, which gave me severe SSHL, overnight. Gingko has some benefits, for circulatory issues.

      You have to experiment with things one at a time, to see if anything improves your T.
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    3. Cityjohn

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      5:10 PM 03/02/2016
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      Food poisoning.
      No help for me.
    4. Markku

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      B12 (or any of the other B vitamins for that matter) did nothing for me, I've taken 3,000 mg per day (methylcobalamin B12 spray - so high quality and well absorbed). These days 1,000 mg for maintenance.
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    5. william adams

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      S Jersey
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      December 2015
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      I was taking Ginkgo, Zinc, Magnesium, CQ10, Fish oil, B12, and a few others with no positive results. Only change was stomach irritation. I have read that if you have a zinc deficiency that may help you as for the others I have heard of no positive comments to help reduce or eliminate tinnitus.
    6. Arrojo

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      One too many rock concerts
      Is there a difference in Cyano B12 and Methyl B12?
    7. Canador

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      Vitamin B 12 Sheathes Ear Nerves
      From Prevention's Book "Healing with Vitamins"

      When it comes to nerves, vitamin B 12 plays a special role. The body needs this nutrient to manufacture myelin, the fatty sheathe that wraps around nerve fibers, insulating them and allowing them to conduct their electrical impulses normally.

      A vitamin B12 deficiency can raise blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that is thought to be toxic to nerves. Low levels of B12 have been linked to a number of nervous system disorders, including memory loss, decreased reflexes, impaired touch or pain perception--and, apparently, tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

      Researchers from the Institute for Noise Hazards Research and Evoked Potentials Laboratory at Chaim-Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan and from Tel Aviv University, both in Israel, looked at a group of 385 people with tinnitus and found that 36 to 47 percent suffered from vitamin B12 deficiency. All of the people low in B12 received injections of 1,000 micrograms weekly for four to six months. At the end of that time, their hearing and tinnitus were evaluated. Fifty-four percent reported improvement in their tinnitus, and approximately one-fourth reported reductions in the measured loudness of their tinnitus, according to Joseph Attias, D.Sc., head of the institute and one of the study's main researchers.

      "vitamin B12 deficiency is somehow associated with chronic tinnitus," says Dr. Attias. "Long-term exposure to noise may deplete body levels of B12 and so make the ears more vulnerable to noise-induced damage."

      Most of the people in this study had tinnitus for six years or longer. "It's possible that people who are treated earlier for vitamin B12 deficiency may have more improvement in their tinnitus than occurred in this study," says Dr. Attias.

      If you have tinnitus, and especially if you also have memory problems, ask your doctor to check your blood level of vitamin B12, he suggests.

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