Vitamin Supplement Ingredients — Can They Be Harmful?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jack Thompson, Sep 4, 2016.

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      Hey I have recently got Tinnitus so I'm at that stage where I'm doing tons of research to help manage my Tinnitus, I have been vegan/vegetarian for the last 2 years without taking b12 so I now take b12 supplement and other vitamin supplements like D3, Gingko Biloba etc..

      anyway I have read on the internet that the bulking agents and anti caking agents, all the cheminal or unatural ingrediants in the cheap vitamin supplements are harmful more than good, and the quality of the vitamin itself is not great

      I got my supplements at Holland & Barrett, I really want this Tinnitus to go so I want the best quality supplements, anyone know where I can buy really good natural vitamin supplements or should I just stick with the Holland & Barrett brand

      ps I'm in the UK
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      Metabolics are one of the only companies I know of that don't/rarely use bulking agents. Their USP is the lack of fillers they put in and they are also an English company:

      You can also get them on Amazon. I use their magnesium bisglycinate.

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