Waking Up with Really Bad Anxiety — Because of PTSD? Xanax? Poor Sleep?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marcuso22, Dec 19, 2020.

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      Loud prolonged exposure to alarm system
      Since my occurrence that caused my noise induced tinnitus I end up waking up with great anxiety, even with short naps. I believe this is known as a fight or flight response? Problem is I don't understand what's causing it.

      I postulate there are three possible reasons for it.

      1. The fire alarm mini horn which caused my severe tinnitus is located in my bedroom on one of the walls. When I had first noticed my severe tinnitus It happened when I woke up at night (in my bedroom) and led to great distress & anxiety. So maybe I am suffering from PTSD?

      2. Perhaps it's a side effect of the Xanax I'm taking?

      3. Physiologically, the tinnitus keeps the brain more hyper activated during sleep compared to those who don't suffer with tinnitus and may be responsible for poorer sleep & the subconscious mind hearing the 'alarm' sounds going off in our brains is creating this fight or flight response? And of course reason

      4. A combination of the above.

      Any input would be appreciated & what can be done about it if anything.
      Thanks in advance.
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      Medication - antidepressants
      Hi Marcuso,

      What is this "fire alarm mini horn"?

      Are you a French-speaking Canadian by any chance?

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