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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Ervan, Sep 14, 2014.

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      Hello to every one in this forum.

      My name is ervan, im from indonesia.. Im sorry if my english very bad.. I hope u all understand.
      I got T in may 2014. In first i got T i feel crazy, want to suicide, anxious, fear.. I tried all treatment medic, and exercise.. but do not give satisfactory results. I think all treatment and exercise only give you a placebo. They not cure!! So save your money to make something useful. When the T reach 1 month i feel the lowest point in my life. But i tried to survive. I try to make myself happy. I tried go to holiday, but my feeling still anxious and fear. But we must fight, life must go on. I try to not focus with my T, learn to accept, learn to feel happy..
      Im focus to all that make me happy and feel comfort, learn dont care with the sound of T.. Slowly i feel normal, and my life is back. Many treatment say dont smoke, dont drink coffe.. But now i smoke! And drink coffe when i want to. Now my T still in my head and i dont feel disturbed.. Now I feel totally habituated. My T cant make me fear, cant make me anxious! What doesnt kill u make u stonger! Haha
      Emmmm i think the right treatment is holiday and wait your TIME!, Not medic or whatever, because T cant be cure!
      One word for you "
      Walk like an arrow , when he pulled backward it will be raced far ahead!".

      Im sorry for bad english and bad story.. I hope my story give us some spirit to live! Thanks
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    2. Teri

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      Thank you, Ervan, for posting this encouraging message for those who are still struggling with the onset of Tinnitus. It is so good to have these kids of posts to offer hope.

      Best wishes!
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    3. Karen

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      Thanks for posting your success story, Ervan. It is thoughtfully written, and I love your quote:

      "Walk like an arrow , when he pulled backward it will be raced far ahead!".

      I'm so glad to hear that you are fully habituated now. This will be a source of encouragement to anyone currently struggling with tinnitus. You are very fortunate that it only took you a few months to become habituated.

      Your story shows that, if you give it time, things will improve for most of us!!!
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    4. Suzie

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      april 2014
      Thank you Ervan for the hope
    5. billy43

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      Hi Ervan.awesome positive post.so glad your doing so well .thanks billy43
    6. AUTHOR

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      Thanks to u all.. Tbh im habituated about a month ago.. I try to post this story because i care with u all.. I want give my spirit to who still fighting with T.. Try to accept, try to learn, and u will habituated so fast! Trust me it works. Do all that can make u feel happy maybe holiday with family, party, sex, or whatever! Dont focus to T.
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    7. Rube

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      thanks for posting your story Ervan!
      very uplifting and helpful!
    8. billie48

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      not sure
      Awesome positive and reassuring success story. Thanks, Ervan, for sharing your success story. Like Karen, I really like you arrow analogy. That is some positive analogy. Your positivity has contributed to your speedy recover. It is obvious from your post. Keep it up.
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