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      Have any of you ever had a warm feeling inside the ear canal- and if so did it improve, etc. A bit of background, my tinnitus was at its lowest point ever for about 2 weeks, then I've had an unexplained spike since Monday, I started to take gingko, magnesium and zinc 2 days ago-- the warm feeling just started a few hours ago-- I've never had this sensation before.
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      Possibly - I think of the sensation as burning, though I must admit it isn't painful or even unpleasant. Sometimes my ear is just hot. I don't know why. I am not on any drugs. It happened twice soon after onset of T, and then a few times after, but not badly or anything. It's not stayed for long - maybe an hour, two tops - and then it goes. I don't know whether it is the same thing as you are describing or not, but I have not found a problem with it.
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      When i first got t my ears were full and so so hot, that lasted for about three months and then both the fullness and the heat went away.
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