Was My Tinnitus Caused by Polymyxin B Sulfates in Terra-Cortril-P Ear Cream?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tobe, Oct 17, 2019.

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      Antibiotics ear cream
      I've had an outer ear infection for a 1.5 months and I got prescribed Terra-Cortil-P cream which contains 10000 u/mL Polymyxin B Sulfate. I used it 2 times a day for 9-10 days.

      After that my ears started ringing, especially the left one and my left ear got muffled and full because the ear was full of the cream and I tried to wash it away but it was still muffled and I couldn't hear very well.

      Few days later I got sent to an ENT where they said I had outer ear canal infection and said the ringing should go away. I panicked and went there again after few days because I couldn't sleep and they made myringotomy to both of my ears. There was little fluid. It was clean fluid.

      It's now been 3 weeks and the ringing still continues but it has gotten quieter and softer. My ears are still very sore when I touch them.

      I was just wondering would the ringing be caused by the ear cream because of the Polymyxin B Sulfates? I've read they are ototoxic but also that you must overdose on them to cause any permanent damage. I had no hearing loss in my right ear, but my left ear had hearing loss drop from 15 kHz to 12 kHz, but I think that was because of the ringing in my left ear but nothing was abnormal.
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      Ciproflox or walking past an extremely loud jackhammer.
      Did you find iut if terracortil polymyxin b was the culprit. I would also like to know. As that is a medication most doctors give me when I have an outer earinfection.

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