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Discussion in 'Support' started by kirsty, Jun 25, 2014.

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      I hope i don't come across too whingy at the moment, as i was doing well.

      But between taking prednisolone for 4 days and nasule drops twice in there, my ears have been a bit whacky, i started getting a shhhhh woooosh and other odd noises in my right ear which is not my noise more so when i lie down at night, and it's waking me up so my sleep is broken as my right is screaming when i manage to get to sleep, which doesn't normally happen and not 2 nights in a row. As i look at new days as a reset button, the next day will be better. So i stopped the pred yest as i cannot cope with that on top of my ear now feeling full and a bit muffley,plus i was getting more palpatations,feeling drained and exhausted and a few other things.

      I just feel wobbly and uneven as i can hear a bit more from my lower hearing left newlyish perforated ear but the better ear is a bit lower. I tried asking my gp for advice who said those medications don't do any of that (even though hearing things is a side effect of the tabs). But then when i said well they are popping and being more noisy is this part of the sinuses draining out? and she said yes, but to be honest she was patronising saying it's my anxiety so that upset me. But she is the wrong one to talk to as she blames everything on my anxiety and does not listen, and i have been dealing with all this alone for 13yrs, so i am glad i found this forum!

      I suppose what i am trying to find out is, is this part and parcel of my sinuses draining out after having such a bad sinus infection for quite a while and nasal polyps, as i'm getting some funky coloured stuff out of my nose when i blow it since being on the medication!

      Thank you xxx

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