Weird Head-Hum During Cold

Discussion in 'Support' started by Constable85, Jul 11, 2015.

    1. My cold started around 7/2 and on 7/3 I developed a weird sort of vwoom, vwoom, vwoom, sound in my left ear. It got pretty loud (I have regular tinnitus too and this was way louder). A week later it has dissipated for sure but it's still there and goes away briefly when I make sounds (talk, sniff etc) or shake my head and then it comes right back as a low volume steady hum or light-sabre sound. I have to admit that it has improved over the last week but my cold feels way better (pretty much gone?) and the humming thing is clinging to life. Has anyone else had this? Maybe I always had it and the cold just exacerbated it temporarily? Maybe this lower volume is what it always was and i just didn't notice it until the cold made me listen? Jeez, ears are weird complex flowers to be sure. I wish humans had the ears of chickens that heal themselves. I'm hopeful it will go back to some lower level sound over the course of another week's time but who knows? The ENT said it can be caused by a cold and should go away but also said that if it doesn't there was nothing he could do about it -- of course. In the meantime I'm just treating it like I did my baseline tonal tinnitus: ignore it as best I can and move forward. I also eat healthy, drink lots of water, workout, take vitamin C, fish oil, daily vitamin etc... I don't want any harm to my health to be because I was careless. I even carry around little ear plugs on my keychain (downbeats on Amazon). I use them at my gym when they pump stupid pop music loud for their classes and also when they blast heavy metal music in the free weight area. I also use them at loud bars when the play music etc. I try to avoid loud bars but being single I need to get out of the house and socialize somehow. I don't like to use plugs often but if there is loud noise around me they are going in. I'd rather wear plugs and wake up the next day without a worsened condition (or at least know I tried to prevent a worsened condition) than "look cool" without plugs.
    2. Nobody? :( As I sit here I have a vwoom, vwoom light saber fight sound going on in my left ear. How dumb. I guess I have a new weird head noise to habituate to now because the cold is totally gone but Darth Vader is still going strong. What a life!
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      My drone noise started during a bad cold 4 years ago and never left.
      I'm sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but for many this type of noise is only temporary or occasional.
      Give it few more weeks and keep us posted:)
    4. Yea just gotta deal with it. Probably best to just stop caring and accept that my heads going to just vibrate all the time. Screw it.
    5. I think the best mental state to have with this stuff is to not look for or listen for the sounds. If it's there, it's there and you'll hear it. If it's not you won't hear it. But no need to search it out.

      And if there is no ringing or humming or buzzing just enjoy it while it lasts without getting your hopes up that it's gone forever.

      And if your ears are ringing, humming or buzzing then just do not attach too much emotional weight to it and realize that eventually it will subside. Peaks and valleys.
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      Did your head hum ever go away? I am now sick, and have terrible head humming...praying it goes!
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      listening to loud msuic on bus it finally caught up with me
      I actually have that going on in my right ear glad I'm not the only one and I'm not sure if it's buzzing or not
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      Not sure :-/
      I have this too. And it's driving me nuts.. I also have a head cold and it's even worse!! Heaps louder

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