Weird New Thing Whenever I Hear a High-Pitched Tone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lizzie Grant, Sep 4, 2016.

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      Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted here. Back in January I had an accident with headphones that caused me some acoustic trauma and I had tinnitus for a few weeks non-stop. Since then it has either subsided or I just don't notice it... but I don't wanna hone in on it right now anyways lol The initial pitch I was hearing stopped bothering me and I would get an occasional ringing tone in one ear or the other every now and then that would last about 5 seconds. Which I would get even before the acoustic trauma. (This is just some background info.)

      Earlier I had one of those high pitched tones in my left ear that was loud for a few seconds and then faded a bit but I could still hear it if I concentrated. Usually these come and go but this one lingered for some reason. I got distracted and forgot about it for a bit. That was earlier this evening maybe around 7pm or so.

      It's 10:50pm now and about an hour ago I was watching a YouTube video from out of my phone. No headphones or anything. It wasn't that loud either. I heard that same pitch in my left ear from earlier except I noticed that I only heard it for a split second whenever the person's voice in the video became a bit more higher pitched or louder.

      I thought that was weird but thought maybe it was the video itself. Fast forward a few minutes and I was listening to a song and again everytime the pitch in the song got high or I turned the volume up a bit I would hear that same tone in my left ear. It was almost rhythmic like it would sound in time with the song/voice fluctuations.

      It's so quick it sounds almost like a beep. I started to freak out so I tested a few more songs and a few more videos and sure enough everytime someone's voice in the song/video reached a certain pitch it seemed I would hear that beep/tone whatever you wanna call it. I started to test stuff out like talking out loud at different pitches and making loud noises and it doesn't react to that. The thing is it's only in my left ear.

      I don't know if this is a coincidence that I had the ringing in my left ear a few hours ago or if it's related. I've never had this or heard of this so I don't know what's going on.
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      I have that, except it is even more noticalbe in outdoor sounds, the ocea, cars driving by, and music, strings, synths etc. All producing a seconder EEEE puretone sound similar to the fruency of the sounds you should be hearing.

      I read that its called reactive tinnitus here?

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