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Discussion in 'Support' started by MGW, Sep 11, 2015.

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      Hi all

      I've suffered mildly and occasionally with Tinnitus since 2005 with it coming on for a few hours once every few months.

      However - I've recently developed a very strange Tinnitus and I don't really know what it's called or how to go about finding out more about it. We suspect it might well be MS related as I am under investigation for that, and although rare - it could be a relapse.

      Here is a description of the Tinnitus, I'm trying to find out what type to call it, so I can continue reading and researching as I find understanding is the easiest way of dealing with things.


      So at rest, in silence there is no Tinnitus. If I make a sound (whistle, talk, sing) between around 700 hz and 1300 hz I get a mid range pitch in one ear. So the pitch is now in harmony. If people are talking around that pitch, I hear the whistle of the Tinnitus instead of what they are saying on that syllable. I can create it myself by whistling. If I whistle a note under 700 hz there is no Tinnitus / Whistle. As I move higher up, the whistle comes in and then passes as I move into 1300+

      This is very strange to me - normally I have an ongoing noise for a while and it goes but Tinnitus that I can bring on with whistles and pitch is odd - what is going on?

      It's worse because I'm a singing teacher - so it kills my concentration as I'm hearing everthing in harmony through my left ear :(

      Hope somebody can help me understand it while I'm waiting for Nuro.
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      It looks like diplacusis. It is common if you have asymmetric hearing damage. Did you ever get a hearing test done? I recommend getting a full audiological evaluation done including otoacoustic emissions if possible.
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      Hi - thanks for replying

      I've always had "perfect" hearing and never had any damage and not exposed to loud noise.

      The odd thing is the Tinnitus is always a "G" - the same note. So I've just been listening to a conversation and the left ear just bashed out what sounded like beeps or whistles all on the same note or pitch. It's not a varied pitch.

      The louder the sound the louder the beep / whistle and it's a very metallic sound
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      Update - I think I'm in a position to be able to simply this again now having spent time noticing it.

      Simply - When I hear sounds between the frequency of approx 700 - 1300, then I hear a "note" (G) in one ear, which is 733 hz in addition to the real sound that I'm hearing. The note doesn't change and the louder the sound, the louder the note.

      Driving me nuts!
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      Have you looked at superior canal dehiscence?

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