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Discussion in 'Support' started by bill 112, Jun 1, 2014.

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      Noise exposure
      Okay well here it goes,to be honest ive been really worried about my symptoms lately and I really dont know what to do as of yet,still waiting on the stupid hospital to get back to me.After my noise exposure at the beginning of the year there were a couple of strange symptoms that followed and would really like an honest opinion on what to do.Directly after the sound incident I felt and heard like a little electrical zing go up through my head and thats when the H started immediately after,a few days after this I had like a very loud popping noise happening in the back of my head accompanied by pressure which still persists to this day.I have a constant headache that just doesnt go away and have been quite disorientated or dizzy since the popping occured.If I bend over my head and ears begin to pulsate and throb with pressure and the only way I have of releiving the headache is if I bend completely over and let the blood rush to my head.Also after the noise exposure my brother dropped a tool box on the floor and it send like a little electrical shock down my spine followed by a horrible headache.If im for example travelling in a car when I exit the car my head begins to rumble and throb its a very weird sensation,also when I swing my head its like I can feel fluid sloshing in my head and I get the occasional feeling of water dripping down my head and obviously there isnt any.Also sometimes the back of my head goes completely numb,ive had massages to releive tension but it failed to be of any true benefit.And last but not least when there is a sudden sound something in my head thumps or moves,its weird but I can physically feel something thump in my head??I also get this when walking,the sound of my shoes hitting the road or pavement causing a thump,I can physicaly hear them hitting the road but up through my head??Any ideas?
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      Ive got so many of the same symptoms as you do. Are you truely sure this was all caused by noise?
      Could it be possible that you did a rapid neck movement because of the shock you got from the noise?

      I really have no idea what this is, but its literally tearing me apart, day in and day out for almost 6 months now.

      I have never experienced this kind of pain before, until the onset of T, so Im 99.9% sure they are connected.

      Recently I even started to have the sensation of electrical buzzes around in my body, especially in my legs, back of the head and neck.

      Ive had T from noise before, but this is nothing like it. Cant even compare it.

      I really believe that it might be caused by nerves in the back or neck, but I really dont know.
      Going for a CT of my spine next week.

      All I know is that I will continue to see doctors, hospitals and you name it until its figured out or until it resolves, no matter how long it will take.
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      @bill 112 Make sure you check your auditory canals. Have an vemp test first then have the scans if needed..
      ct scan (less than 1mm resolution) or mri of your temporal bone ?

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