Weird Tinnitus, Possibly TMJ Related

Discussion in 'Support' started by zekumedo, Sep 18, 2019.

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      I'm 32M. Starting 3-4 weeks ago I would occasionally wake up with a high pitched whistle in my right ear and a second, higher pitched sound "dancing" on top of it, oscillating up and down - I have seen it described here as an "old CRT TV" sound, "crickets", "electrical", etc. In late August and early September I would never notice this except for early AM, but last Thursday the symptoms decided to stick around and have since persisted.

      The pitch shifts of the higher tone are not pulsatile or rhythmic at all, but seemingly completely random. At certain times of day, the higher/variable tone is completely gone and I'm left with the lower/constant one, which is quieter and quite easy to ignore by comparison.

      Here's the weirdest part: if the higher tone is spiking, I can make it go away completely if I clench my teeth hard, or turn my head/neck hard to the left or right (though the lower/constant tone remains). I have read about these types of motions making tinnitus louder, but never making it go away. Either way, it gives me some hope that it is related to my rickety right TMJ, which has felt out of alignment and had a loud crepitus for years now, but never caused any other issues.

      I saw my primary care doc on Monday, who, not finding any obvious causes (ear infection, trauma, etc), referred me to an ENT, from whom I am now waiting on a callback for an appointment. This waiting period is really irking me - I just want to know the cause, or at least rule out the potentially life-threatening ones, so I can do my work with a clear mind. I feel like I could live with the tinnitus if I had to, I just want to feel good about my overall short-to-medium-term health again.

      Anyway thank you for reading, and for this community in general. It's relieving to write everything down.

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