What Are Your Best Pickup Lines? Best Place for a Meetup? Dating Advice?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Filip, Aug 10, 2016.

    1. Filip

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      Loud earbuds music
      Well to start off I never use pickup lines, but I do find them funny and creative. Few I got on top of my head "hey, wanna know what my shirt made out of? Boyfriend material" another is "hey you look like trash, let me take you out". I'm too childish to most girls to consider dating me sadly :-*( I use to just be straight forward and say go for walks and sneak in movies (funny ^_^). Well now with tinnitus I pretty much avoid the whole movie stuff and sadly concerts because for some reason girls love music related stuff. Well I'm mostly hated and blocked by most folks I'm interested in sad Filip and they're grateful for my tinnitus, but I do plan on getting on everyone nerves
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    2. Mario martz

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      hahaha Filip please avoid "hey you look like trash, let me take you out"
      I know it sounds good but it might come out wrong haahah :ROFL:
      why dont you try tinder?
      i know what you mean, i like date younger people and they are mostly into noise and exicting things.
      but there are plenty fish on the sea,
    3. Daveyrvancleef

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      I don't know
      I never tried pickup lines, because they never worked for me :p rip. I got one back from a girl and she said(Dutch translation to English):
      • If stars are far away, why are you here?
      She was drunk and the conversation went downhill.
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    4. undecided

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      No... :p
    5. Pleasure_Paulie

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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!
      "Don't take this the wrong way... pause.. (she starts to freak out you're going to insult her)..... but you're fucking beautiful".
    6. Earthless

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      Matt Pike
      I usually ask a girl what's her favorite disability.
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