What Do You Call This Kind of Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by katriina, Feb 13, 2014.

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      I'm not sure what kind of tinnitus I have if it's loudness and pitch changes all the time, I mean literally ALL THE TIME. It can be loud or quiet, beeping, wavy or ringing... It doesn't react in any way to backround noises or when I move my jaw. So what do you call this kind of tinnitus and is that changing good sign that it one day might stop? I really hope it means that something is happening and it would stop someday :unsure: I have had many quieter days now than before. This started like a month ago, before that I had just normal loud tinnitus. I also have voice which get louder when I move my jaw but it isn't as disturbing. I have had this tinnitus like little over 2 months now...

      PS. Just realized that my other ear is ringing too, great. This other ear has high pitched voice that gets louder sometimes and then it just fades away like it's not even there.:eek:
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      I think if the noise changes it is a good sign. Either the brain is trying to sort the ears out or if the reason has something to do with a cold it means something is moving and possibly clearing. If nothing else at least you aren't listening to the same sound all the time. Try not to worry. I am the biggest hypocrite by saying this, but it could take time. The hardest thing is being patient. Hopefully it will sort itself out.

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