What Does It Feel Like When ETD Starts to Get Better?

Discussion in 'Support' started by hopelynn, Jun 13, 2020.

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      I’m three weeks into battling what two doctors agree is most likely Eustachian tube blockage causing ear fullness and tinnitus. I’m on day 2 of taking prednisone and the symptoms are still there, but I can’t tell if I’m possibly on my way to getting better. Every so often my ear that feels full actually pops, and for about two seconds I have the greatest relief... but then it goes right back to feeling full again.

      Does a bad case of ETD heal more slowly? Can I expect small victories like this or is it more likely I’ll wake up one day and have a more noticeable change in symptoms?

      Especially wondering if anyone got rid of their tinnitus by fixing ETD and how long it takes tinnitus to disappear in that case (I know it doesn’t always...)
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      Loud music via headphones
      Did the doctors actually confirm you have ETD?

      An ear nose and throat doctor can do that camera down the nose thing to look at your eustachian tubes. It’s quick and painless.

      Because I have the opposite to ETD where mine are stuck open and it’s easily to be misdiagnosed but the camera thing will always confirm what you got there
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      hello hopelynn - did it clear up? how long did it take and what were the signs of clearing it up?

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