What Does Your Tinnitus Sound Like?

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      Unknown p
      This is exactly the same as mine. Weirdly when I listen to that it goes away for a few seconds.
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      The type which bothers me, and which set in 7 weeks ago is:

      - Low rumbling all over my head - so low it almost feels like a vibration.
      - Bangs, booms, and thumping sounds all over my head. Like thumping bass sounds from a car, but a little lower.
      - Thumping against my right eardrum on and off.
      - A drone in the centre of my head (mainly at night).
      - A whooshing/roaring whenever I yawn or turn over in bed.

      I am praying this goes: it is NOT maskable (I'm deaf). When I'm using my cochlear implant, my voice sounds like a megaphone and the sounds just increase to match whatever I'm listening to. I'm seeing an ENT at my implant centre next week. The audiologist who checked my cochlear implant was working (it is) broached Meniere's with me as I have had vertigo attacks, but it is a diagnosis of exclusion: they will likely arrange an MRI to rule out more obvious, and possibly worrisome, things.

      I am also experiencing occasional sound distortion, somewhat like a blown speaker with voices in that they sometimes break up. This doesn't last very long thankgoodness. All other sounds are fine.

      I haven't seen many people describe the type of sounds I've been experiencing, and this makes me feel even more alone.

      I did have an infection (not bacterial) and my eardrums went from looking about to burst to looking dull, so this MUST have something to do with it all. I can feel fluid despite one ENT telling me there wasn't any. I'm now on Nortriptyline. I seriously don't think I can cope with all of this long-term: if it is something I'm told to live with, then in all seriousness, I'm not sure I can.
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      I hope bumping an old thread is ok. I just really found this important. Also I realize how much worse it could be. While I do think listening to some sounds temporarily made my Tinnitus worse, I feel some comfort that I found something similar. I couldn't describe the sound. It took 14 videos to find.
      Mine is closest to the last one, but quieter and a bit more of a hum.

      Warning: lower your volume a lot. Don't listen if you have bad Tinnitus.

      What Does Tinnitus Sounds Like? - Ear Hearing...

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