What I Have Used to Help Me with My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by jojopuppyfish, Jan 21, 2014.

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      I started getting Tinnitus in my right ear back in Oct 2013 for no particular reason.
      After reading this article
      I notice it mentioned potassium ions.
      I had medicine I was using when I was getting kidney stones early last year (which didn't help the kidney stones, BTW) that was potassium citrate and beelith. The prescription was originally for Uric acid kidney stones and the medicine was used to boost my ph levels.
      I took 2 beelith at 362mg each (1 in morning and 1 in evening ) (bp 132)
      And 2 potassium citrate at 10 meq or 1080mg each (2 in morning 2 in evening) (usl 071)
      My tinnitus has gone down significantly since taking these pills.
      I was wondering if anyone who has Tinnitus could replicate my results.
      I am able to sleep at night.....it was so loud it was waking me up in the middle of the night.
      Any comments would be appreciated.
      P.s. My Tinnitus is most likely linked to stress and not any type of loud noise.
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      Thats great and thanks 4 posting.
      ill read up n get back to u.
      be careful with your potassium. Wouldnt do this without knowing your serum k+ as this could lead to cardiac events.
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      not sure
      That is great if it works for you. If taking potassium pills can be hazardous, I wonder if eating lots of banana will benefit those whose tinnitus is due to potassium deficiency. Banana is rich in potassium. Now you guys can all 'go banana' with your T, LOL.
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      These 2 drugs were originally prescribed by my doctor. You can get both at amazon but in smaller doses.
      If you read up and find anything online, let me know. I was unable to find anything other than that article I posted.
      The article mentioned that the drug Retigabine worked on mice's tinnitus.
      Here is info on Retigabine
      "Retigabine works primarily as a potassium channel opener"
      So my doctor original gave me Cytra-k which is in liquid form. When reading about this, epileptics use this to prevent kidney stones.
      But I didn't want to take Cytra-k because they added artifical sugars. So I got the doctor to switch me to pill form.
      And the pills were even more effective than the Cytra-k.
      Anyways, if anyone ends up trying this, I'd like to know if it helps.
      Both Beelith and Potassium Citrate can be bought on amazon but in much smaller doses.

      Again, something to maybe discuss with your doctor. I'm just saying its reduce (not cured) my tinnitus considerably.
      I am able to sleep without being woken up by it.
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      hearing test set off
      So pleased to read this. These older posts often help me too. We all know tinnitus has many causes and what helps one person might not help another. We keep hoping we can help ourselves. This forum has helped me so much and I am learning more as I read these posts. I noticed when I eat potassium rich foods the volume of tinnitus goes down and every time. As told potassium can be dangerous if overdosed. Instead of pills of potassium I am now encouraged to eat foods with high potassium and cut the salt. Sandy B
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      Actually There is a book Hilda Clark suggests 300 mgs. in tablets per day of potassium.
      Our good is a good friend, try this. I am going to do it. Also melotain might work.
      Someone was taking pill at supper time, it was working for that person. I don't remember who was. Thanks for tips.
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