What Is This? Hissing Has Been Really Bad

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Jul 10, 2015.

    1. valeri

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      On top of a dreadful drone in right ear I also have a bit of hissing/sizzle in the left.
      This morning at 3am I woke up and hissing was so bad, almost as if it reacts with the music coming from the radio.
      Yesterday after vacuuming I could feel it being louder again.
      It's almost as if outside noises are piercing through my left ear with no filters, my ear feels "wide open" if that makes any sense at all.
      I'm scared and puzzled what is this.
      I must say that hissing settled a bit after I went to sleep in a complete silence in the lounge.
      Any input?
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    2. Karen

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      Hi, Valeri,

      I have hissing in one ear only, too. Mine reacts to certain sounds, such as the TV. I've had this for over five years now, and it has maybe gotten a little bit better. It's not anything to worry about, but it can be really bothersome, and affect your quality of life. When the reactive feeling gets to be too much, give your ear a rest by going to a quiet place, or a place where you can mask the sound. That feeling in your ear will probably calm down a bit.

      For me, sleep helps it calm down, and it's usually at its best the first thing in the morning. It seems to build up during the day, and is at its worst in late afternoon/early evening.

      Good luck, and I hope you can find a way to cope with it. If you can begin to learn to ignore it (focus your mind on something else), you'll find that it seems to improve.

      Best wishes,
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    3. truesilence

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      Yes, I've got hissing.. It's more in my ears now than in my head. Still trying to figure out whether I really have ETD. Sooooo frustrating!
    4. Clive Cottrell

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      Hi Valeri, the hissing in my right ear is at it's quietist in the morning and gradually becomes more intrusive as the day goes on, so by late afternoon to early evening it's starting to drive me mad!!! But strangely some days I wake up to complete silence and I have one whole day of normality. T goes of the radar altogether and too experience silence is wonderfull. This does make me realise just how debilitating T is, and it usually is back the next day. It has been like this for five years now. So any hope of it going for good are long gone.

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