What is this? Very sudden and loud spike?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Jan 28, 2014.

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      About 4 times today my right ear all of a sudden has become blocked and the T has intensified - for longer than transient tinnitus (or whatever the T that is normal for everyone is called). I've had to equalise, yawn etc to get it to settle down however it hasn't settled down to its regular level unfortunately.

      It's just happened again while laying in bed - very loud this time, and it took me a while to quieten it again (lots of swallowing, equalising, jaw movements etc) and now my ear is a little achy... Although that could have been caused by me sticking my finger in there and shaking it.

      My T is that ear is louder now - although not as loud at the initial sound I heard when it came on. I'm hoping it calms down overnight, but honestly, what's been happening today has really scared me.

      Is this a T thing? I haven't done anything today out of the ordinary and I'm not feeling stressed or unwell ...

      Thanks x
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      Loud concert
      This happened to me once. I was watching a movie, almost not hearing my tinnitus, when suddenly there was a feeling of blocked ear and a gradual but very quick increase in its loudness, as if someone turned a volume knob.
      To say I was dead scared means to say nothing. Nevertheless, I made myself not think of it and continued with the movie. That thing soon was gone.

      I have no explanation of it, but I guess we need to apply the same principle as with general T - distract and forget.

      Hope you get better soon.
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