What Kind(s) of Tinnitus Does This Sound Like?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hil, Feb 10, 2016.

    1. Hil

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      - Began with hearing what sounded like a bell tone while lying on my right ear. Only happened one morning.
      - Around this time, a high pitched hissing began in both ears, worse in left ear.
      - About 6 weeks later, a new sound began - a low tone in right ear, like a truck idling in the distance.
      - About 6 weeks after that, a very faint, semi-high pitched note in a kind of morse code pattern, in both ears, right ear worse. This has been going on for about 3 days. I only hear it if my environment is super quiet, or if the heater is running, that whoosh of air sound, I can hear the dee-de-de-de-deee in my right ear, faintly.

      None of the sounds have gone away. Not sure why new sounds have developed on top of the old ones. I have been having intermittent pain and pressure in my ears during all of this, due to what the doctor says is Eustachian tube dysfunction (due to allergies). I also saw an ENT who said the same thing. I will get such pain and pressure in there, as well as ear popping.

      Concerned that new sounds have kept occurring, while the old ones don't go away. :(

      I am also under an extreme amount of anxiety (both prior to this, and I feel also as a result of this.)
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    2. Pumpkin

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      Hi Hil,

      Your morse code sound tinnitus sounds exactly like mine. I developed it in June after a bout of severe ear infections that perforated my ear drum. Mine has steadily improved over the 7 months that I've had it and I still hope that one day it will disappear altogether. I'm suspect I have ETD as a result of the ear infections. At the start I had multiple sounds but these have all subsided except for the morse code beep. My tinnitus tends to be worse first thing in the morning and as soon as I get up and start moving it reduces in volume quite dramatically.

      Sorry I can't really give you any solid answers but thought I would share my experience so you know you're not alone and things can and do improve!! When I first developed tinnitus it was a 9/10....my worst days are now around a 3 and even they are few and far between.

      Danielle. XX
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Along with the new beeping sounds this week is dramatically increased pressure and pain in both ears. My eardrums hurt. My right ear periodically makes a crackling sound like my ear is popping. On another thread someone commented that the morse code beeping didn't sound like it was related to ETD, but this is happening simultaneously with definite pressure buildup in my eustachian tubes. So not sure what to think.

      My appointment with the ENT happened already, and this was before the beeping started. If I go back, it'll be another 2 months before I can get in.
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    4. Nonna

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      I read on another site, the Morse code is the tinnitus we have had. And that any middle ear issues makes it more noticeable.

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