What the Heck Is Up with My Birth Control and My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, May 30, 2015.

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      More of a thread for us ladies or female identifying people but anyone can comment. Warning this thread mentions menstruation and if that's not your cup of tea turn back now. :p

      So uh, apparently my birth control that i take to get rid of the ovarian cysts i have calms down my T a bit? And if I'm not on it my T goes crazy (specifically when i get to the 'blank pills' at the end of the month and menstruation starts). Also if I'm late to take it by a few hours my T goes crazy until I do take it. I looked up the pill (it's called Cryselle) and T is not one of the side effects listed an it's not on the ototoxic meds list. So maybe it has to do with my hormones. I'm scared to continue taking it cause what if it makes my T worse but I'm scared to stop taking it because what if it also makes my T worse?
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      My tinnitus does seem to change with my cycle. I have a copper IUD so no hormones with that, but my own hormones seem to make a difference. During the first part of my cycle where estrogen increases my t seems to get lounder, but after day 14 it usually goes down. I wonder if it is the estrogen or something else. I am thinking about keeping a calendar to check it out.

      It sounds like you have the opposite effect that I have, but who knows how t works? It does seem to change throughout the month for me though.

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