What to Do If Tinnitus Is Caused by Virus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alibaba2013, Mar 27, 2013.

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      Was told by doctor that likely my tinnitus is due to virus attack. He says unlike bacteria infection, for virus there are no meds. Just have to wait a few months for the body to combat the virus.

      I've heard of folks being given anti-viral, Prednisone and other stuff. How come my doctor says nothing would work on a virus?

      Generally, how many months would it take for the body to get rid of the virus? The tinnitus is constant of nature.
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    2. Markku

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      Have you had a hearing test after you noticed tinnitus?

      In your shoes I would also get a second opinion. Was the doctor you visited an ENT?
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    4. Paul D

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      I'm pretty sure my T finally set in for good after a series of nasty viral bouts a few years ago. I'd experienced prolonged ringing to some degree in the years leading up to that period, but it didn't become chronic until somewhere around that one particular time of extreme and prolonged viral stress. Never went away after that; always present in varying degrees of intensity. At first I think we all struggle just to maintain sanity in our powerlessness over the symptoms and its causality. As time progresses it becomes obvious that this is not something that's simply going to go away, where it becomes more a matter of coping, limiting the anxiety that accompanies each progressive onset. For me, this acceptance seems to make the worst episodes ebb much more quickly, even if they do stretch into days or a week. Calm acceptance.
    5. Royal&Bourbon
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      I am surprised your ENT did not put you on a course of Prednisone and Valtrex. From my understanding, this has become fairly standard treatment for patients whose tinnitus might be related to a viral infection. Because my ENT could not pin-point the cause of my tinnitus definitively, I was given this course. She stressed it was a bit of a shot in the dark, and told me that these meds in combination are probably most likely to be effective in the first few weeks after onset. She was the second ENT I saw after my tinnitus appeared, so I was not prescribed these medications until nearly 2 months after onset. I cannot say that it helped my tinnitus, but if I had to do things over again, I would still opt for these medications, preferably just sooner. FYI, Prednisone can have pronounced side effects for some individuals. I experienced some sleeplessness and agitation, but otherwise I did fine. The dosage should be tapered over time. I only mention this because a poster on another board claimed the dosage he had been prescribed was not tapered, and going from a high dose to none is really not a good idea when taking a steroidal medication.

      I would ask your doctor why he does not believe Valtrex will help fight the virus, particularly when he does not know what type of virus you have (or if you have one at all). Granted, Valtrex is mostly prescribed for herpes suppression and shingles, but I see no reason why Valtrex would not offer a measure of suppression regardless of what type of virus you have. Again, it is not uncommon for ENTs to prescribe it along with Prednisone for tinnitus thought to be caused by a virus, so Valtrex must be thought to offer some general anti-viral benefit. Therefore, I see no reason why he is not prescribing it to you, especially since the side effects and risks of taking a short course of Valtrex are quite low. If you do get these scripts, just be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for the Valtrex. Even with my co-pay, it was VERY expensive. There are now several generic versions available, but some doctors and patients claim these do not work as well. If you google "Valtrex versus generic," you can read a lot of opinions about this. Good luck!!
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      Thanks everyone.

      Markku, I'm getting a 2nd hearing test >8000 hz level to match my pitch which goes beyond 8000 hz.

      Royal&Bourbon, is it still too late for Prednisone and Valtrex? I am well over the first weeks already.

      Paul D, did your viral bouts cease, and did you take anything for those bouts? Hope your T gets progressively better as time pass.

      Calin, I need the sweetness of honey to mix with the very bitter Apple Cider Vinegar, and would like to ask if the Wedderspoon Manuka Honey in your link is suitable for this purpose.

      It's strange, when I first got it, I have this ohh-ohh feeling like this high-pitch T won't ever go, that it is permanent. The T sound just seems so entrenched it almost provoke the certainty that it won't ever disappear. Boo hoo, I sad and cry so much over it. Anyone feel the same thoughts about theirs? My only consolation is, when distracted or masked, sometimes I don't notice it. But like someone had a thread about griefing over T, oh, how I miss the good old pre-T carefree me where I never knew such a thing like T existed.
    7. Paul D

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      I haven't been sick like that for a few years now, which I attribute mostly to better nutrition. It's gotten to be a habit...I rarely crave a junk food/burger joint meal anymore, and keep the frozen ready-to-eat meals to a minimum. All the stuff a person can take battling a viral thing only treat the symptoms, until one is strong enough to fight them in a more preventative way. Consciously battling stress-inducing catalysts before they can have a real effect on your health.

      On bad days, distraction, intent focus, and/or masking doesn't always work. Most days, though, if I keep headed in that direction the end result is pretty good, leading me to believe (and it actually happens) that better days, meaning lower T levels, are right around the corner.
    8. Barry Sumpter

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      I am absolutely convinced its viral.

      I was visited on Monday by old friends.
      She was really stressed taking the week off for medical leave with Tinnitus that started a few month ago.
      They've tried everything.
      I gave as much support and positive energy as I could muster while they were here for about 2+ hours.
      From 2pm to 4pm.

      The next day my lady asked me why I was acting so strange.
      I hadn't noticed.

      I napped from 6pm to 8pm.
      And woke with Tinnitus very loud settling to the high pitched background hum.
      And still have it two days later.
    9. russiancarl

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      Is the virus attack still active? Or is the tinnitus the aftermath from what afflicted to you?

      I find it odd that if he pinpointed your disease as caused by a virus and that it is affecting your life so much that he wouldn't try to give you some sort of antiviral medication. I'm much less in the know with antivirals versus antibiotics but I do know they are out there. I'm just not certain if they come in broad spectrum or have to be focused.

      I'm not too sure about the prednisone. I do know that steroids can be dangerous if you're already ill and can cause infections to worsen. It's always a balancing act. I'm not sure how this works if you are undergoing a viral attack as again, I know they give you prednisone sometimes for pneumonia which is usually a virus.

      I guess what I'm saying is that you need a second opinion from a real doctor. There are too many questions and variables here for any of us non professionals to give you any real conclusive advice.

      Best of luck but remember the faster you act the better you'll be.

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