What's the Signifance of New Tinnitus Sounds Coming and Going?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Madelé, Jun 23, 2020.

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      Hello there :)
      Need some advice please...

      Some background info:

      My tinnitus started in January 2019 due to medication, but went away soon afterwards. It returned in September 2019 but very softly. After I had an acoustic reflex test done in October 2019 it got much worse with more sounds that started. Over the months things have slowly improved (with setbacks due to exposure to unexpected loud sounds etc)

      Things were going very well until about 3 weeks ago when a nasal spray caused my tinnitus to spike again (again with new sounds). Things settled fairly quickly again. However over the next 2 weeks my toddler basically screamed in my ear (immediate spike but seemed to settle after a day) and then 3 days ago my 5 year old pressed the car alarm while we were sitting in the car!

      Yesterday everything was pretty much quiet, but last night I woke up from a new sound. And then after a few minutes that sound disappeared and then another sound would emerge. And so it continued. Was pretty much freaked out by all these weird new sounds. This morning things feel pretty much back to normal again, but I guess I am scared that things might flare up again.

      Not sure if last night was a delayed spike because of the car alarm incident?

      Anyone else had experienced new sounds that came and went again?

      Thanks all!

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