When I Enter a Specific Room, My Tinnitus Sometimes Goes Away

Discussion in 'Support' started by mikesasky, Apr 18, 2021.

    1. mikesasky

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      concussion and whiplash
      I noticed that there is a certain room in my house that is usually very quiet and when I enter it, often my tinnitus disappears. Sometimes it is just for a few seconds, other times it will go away for several minutes. It doesn't always work. If my tinnitus is really bad it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have suspected for a while now that there is a psychological component to my tinnitus and this seems to confirm it.

      Now that I know this, there must be something more that I can do to treat my tinnitus. Meditation perhaps?
    2. Ben Winders

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      Are you sure there is absolutely nothing "on" there in that room?

      I moved from upstairs to go sleep in my kitchen because I was having no tinnitus there either. I'm attributing it to the VERY LOW ventilation fan noise we have in our kitchen. Must be the perfect frequency my brain needs to get distracted enough.
    3. Sayeed

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      I thought I was going crazy and my wife was getting mad at me. But same issue. When I sleep downstairs in the living room, my tinnitus is lower. Upstairs in the bedroom... I just can't do it.
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      Botched lumbar puncture, CSF leak
      Tinnitus is worse in my bedroom. Ceilings are lower.

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