When I Press on My Ears the Tinnitus Disappears — Why Could This Be?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Corinna, May 26, 2019.

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      Hi guys,
      maybe someone can help me out with this: I have three ways to make the tinnitus diappear - why could this be?

      - when I massage my ears directly on the middle hole for 10 seconds or so then the tinnitus goes away while I massage and stays away afterwards for exactly 20 seconds.
      - the same thing happens when I press with the rubber end of a pencil around the ear hole.
      - when I lie on my side the lower ear gets worse and the upper ear goes completely quiet. When I turn around the good ear becomes bad and vice versa.

      My husband who also has tinnitus cannot do any of that.
      This all shows that my tinnitus can be healed and that the solution is not even very far away. But what is it? And how can I make those small successes into a long one?
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