When Sound Enters One Ear, It Exacerbates the Tinnitus in Opposite Ear | Tinnitus or Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Apr 4, 2019.

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      Outside my struggle with my tinnitus, I'm trying to understand why there is a facilitation of increase tinnitus level when I hear noise, especially when one side is getting the stimulus and it affecting the other side by increasing the tinnitus.

      For example, parents were watching a video with music, I was 5-6 feet away from the speakers. Music was moderate in volume, maybe 60-70 dB. I was off to the right side a bit, so the sound was hitting my left ear first. This was causing the tinnitus in my right ear to increase.

      Is it possible this is hyperacusis or subset issue, and not just a tinnitus issue? I developed 6 months ago a new tinnitus from a noise trauma that constantly goes up and down, high pitch and reacts to noise levels, so I there's already some type of reactive portion to my ears, but the sound I hear with the original example above makes my other static tone increase, so I don't think it's related to the injury. I've noticed this for years, but on a smaller scale years ago. Perhaps it's worse from being subjected to firealarms 6 months ago, but irregardless I'm struggling to understand what is the mechanism behind this.

      Could this be more complex than just tinnitus and have some underlying hyperacusis issues causing this? I know I already have severe sensitivity to noises and find things extremely loud, so I know I have a component of hyperacusis, but I'm wondering if hyperacusis can do much more than just sensitivity or pain.

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