When You Alter Your Sleeping Position, Does Your Tinnitus Noise Change?

Discussion in 'Support' started by chattabox, Aug 23, 2014.

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    1. chattabox

      chattabox Member

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      Bear with me I'm a learner.I did ask this question before I was "admitted"
      When you alter your sleeping position, ,back ,left/right side ,does your
      TNT noise alter in any way??
    2. Karen

      Karen Manager Staff Benefactor Hall of Fame Ambassador

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Well, mine doesn't. It seems to stay the same no matter what I do. I also have pulsating tinnitus, and it used to "whoosh" when I moved around, bent over, or had to lift something. But it has calmed down a lot now, so that I hardly notice it during the day.
    3. Mark McDill

      Mark McDill Member Benefactor

      Papillion, NE
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      If I sleep on my right side it gets louder and higher pitched; until I turn to my left side
    4. LadyDi

      LadyDi Member Benefactor

      Florida, USA
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      No difference for me. But because I use a Sound Pillow, prefer lying on my back because both ears get masking sound then.
    5. Brianna
      No Mood

      Brianna Member Benefactor

      US, NC (the progressive part :) )!
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      No clue - too many causes.
      My noise, no matter what position I'm in, doesn't change. It will get louder
      when I have to go for a pee break.
    6. Eidous

      Eidous Member

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      Its probably all in my head but I feel better when I sleep on my tinnitus less left side.
    7. Evian

      Evian Member

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      Mine seems to alter about. It kind of all over my head, like someone has shoved sn alkaselter in my brain.

      Finding it virtually impossible to sleep anyway, but do keep shifting position, 'the fizz' moves about with me.

      I wish I could sleep on my back.

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