Whistling Noise in Ears

Discussion in 'Support' started by Davey126, Jul 23, 2018.

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      Hey everyone!

      So the past few days I have noticed clicking noises in my left ear, but only when exercising or walking up/down stairs. If I’m sitting still or just walking at a normal pace it’s gone.

      Also, I get whistling in both ears when I’m exposed to wind outdoors or even fans/ac indoors. It’s making it hard for me to sleep since I’m use to using a fan to mask my tinnitus, which seems to not be effected by this thankfully.

      Some days the whistling is worst than others. The tinnitus doesn’t bother me much anymore since I have learned to ignore it, but this whistling is making me focus on my ears again.

      Any ideas? Thank you TT family.

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      @Davey126 ,
      It could be your sensitive ears but mine react to wind also.
      Let us know how your doing and if the clicking settles.
      love glynis

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