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      I posted earlier about the effects of bromide displacing iodine and some sources to avoid because it affects the thyroid. I've had good results by making sure I eat iodine rich food. The compounds made with bromine/bromide are numerous since it is used as a pesticide and flame retardant. But, one hidden source that might be overlooked is experimental white composite dental fillings. White composite dental fillings fail because they did not adhere to the tooth over the long term and caused secondary cavities. And, they are a source of strep and staph colonies. So, the powers that be got the bright idea, even though they knew that the chemicals could leach, had leached and were as toxic as the chemicals leached by such bacteria, decided that bromide would be the answer and that they could make a long lasting white composite that not only held the test of time but killed off all the bacteria and lactic acid in the mouth. They did not seem to care that bromide replaces or displaces iodine in the thyroid- that it is a strong oxidizer of metal as it binds to metal or that the saliva, the sinus, the eyes, the tongue, etc are all right there waiting to be exposed to cytotoxins. The exposure is worse if the dentist used the compound in a glob and is maltrained in the composite curing process. The toxins do not just stay in your mouth if you swallow...and the brain is very susceptible to toxins in the ear, nose, mouth and throat. The dissolution of these composites is expected to happen over a course of ten years and is sped up by use of vinegar- acetic acid, ethanol (alcohol) or even some water and artificial saliva. But, alcohol and vinegar are the worst.

      Early on when I joined this forum, someone suggested rinsing the mouth with vinegar and this did temporarily stop the tinnitus. It was amazing but it didn't always work and frankly it wasn't my favorite thing to do. As I said I've been having good results eating iodine rich food daily and before that I supplemented but on the 4th, I woke to louder tinnitus that went up as the day went on, moving from below my jaw bone, onto my teeth, up into my ears and then full throttle by dinner time into my brain. There is nothing but sleep and prayer to sleep, at that point for me. And, I continued on, yesterday, fish, today fish, and it is going back down, now at my rear jaw just below the ear attachment on one side. I noticed having a drink or two seemed to help a week back as well. So, I just decided that I would see if alcohol might work -- by taking a swig of vodka and rinsing for a while with it and spitting it out. Bingo, sound went down about 10 dB all at once and my vision feels better again.

      These toxins from bromide laced white composites and the bacteria they are known to cultivate and attract, are what is causing my tinnitus. It has been just about ten years. I have had neurological problems ever since dental work in 2009. I have been to doctors and dentists, at first begging for help to remove them and then just asking if it was possibly related to my having anxiety and so many other heinous symptoms only to be ignored, put on the crazy list. I will be the first to admit that the symptoms I developed, unfocused eyes, tinnitus, anxiety, gray circles around my irises, itching, rashes, Bell's Palsy and then some, red burn marks, asthma and so many other problems-- it is incredible, crazy, period.

      But, it has been caused by a neurotoxin that the ADA and the FDA and EPA and whoever approves flame retardant and the USDA have allowed into our homes and bodies--(bromide). Not only in dental composites is there sometimes bromide, there's other toxins and metals like copper that can differ from the metal in tin or silver amalgams, causing a battery effect as well. On top of this, I was doused heavy chemicals that I correctly identified that were in gluten free cereal-in 2012, that I was diagnosed as requiring when I first sought help for the reaction to dental work in 2009 and they dx'd me with Celiac Disease instead. I urge all of you with tinnitus to try rinsing with vinegar or alcohol and that helps tinnitus right off you know that you are washing out toxins from your saliva. It will degrade the composites so do not keep using it. Look into sources of bromide, treat your body with iodine rich food to keep your thyroid working until the powers that be own up the disastrous mistake they have made.

      There is a dental hygienist who just died from Alzheimer's disease who recently graduated in here early 50's. She had tinnitus start right after getting free dental work and she died recently--age 58 from Alzheimer's. Parkinson's is also related to the use of this chemical.

      Maybe the reason doctors, dentists and the agencies that were supposed to protect us keep scratching their head as to what is causing all the bizarre symptoms Americans are having is there is so much blame to go around... they are afraid to speak up? In any event, instead of guzzling a shot glass of alcohol, rinse and spit out to see if that isn't as effective in bringing you a little relief.
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