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      Good day. I'm new on the site and I hope we can find solutions together. My tinnitus level is 70 decibels, frequency 8000 herz. The sound is like a whistling kettle. I thought buy Tinnitus Miracle but I hesitate after reading the comments. I have never try drugs or other products. My audiologist in Belgium (I’m belgian but I live in South Africa) suggested me white noise generators (Hansaton brand). They are effective but of course I wish my brain never recorded this kettle. So far they do not keep me awake, my brain manages to ignore the whistle at night. If he changes his mind, I may have to use a white noise generator as the oasis “Sound Oasis”, with pillow speakers. Someone also uses this equipment?
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      Nice Avatar Bobsno. Elephants are amazing animals. I bet South Africa is a beautiful place.
      Back to Tinnitus. I like the whistling tea-kettle analogy. Mine's around 8 kHz too, been awful lately. I let myself get tired and a lack of sleep. Good luck on the "Sound Oasis" thing. I don't use it. If it works for you, great. I use a radio at night, just to listen to anything and hope I fall asleep fast. I wish you a good night’s sleep and welcome to the forum. Oh, and Belgium, probably a great place too.

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