Whooshing in Ear Plus Frequent Migraines?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by nikkinikki, Jun 27, 2020.

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      Hi all, me again. I promise I’m not trying to spam the forum with my issues, but anyway:

      I’ve had migraines for 10+ years. They usually follow a similar pattern. Visual aura, then pain, eye pressure, and sensitivity to light. Typically I’d have 6 or so of these a year.

      Fast forward to now. I got tinnitus 8 weeks ago (pretty sure the two are not related), but at the same time I noticed a whooshing in my left ear when I stand up, sit down, or exert myself when my head is inclined downward. I don’t recall if it was there before 8 weeks ago; that’s when I noticed it. The whooshing lasts up to five seconds before it disappears until the next time.

      In the last four weeks my migraines have ramped up. Rather than 6 a year, I’ve had 5 in the last month alone, and 3 in just one week. Could the whooshing and the more frequent migraines be related, or is it more likely to be coincidence? My ENT didn’t seem concerned, but we all know how well doctors respect us. And second opinion would be well appreciated.
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      Don't exert yourself when your head is inclined downward. Don't even bend over if you don't have to. And don't do any kind of excessive straining.

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