Why Do I Feel Like There's a Hair Stuck in My Mouth?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Raphael7713, Oct 21, 2019.

    1. Raphael7713

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      January 14, 2017.
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      Not sure
      In early March I got this thing where it felt as if I had hair stuck in my mouth. The feeling could sit on top of my tongue, under my tongue, inside of my cheek etc. The feeling "moved" with each day. After 5 days the feeling went away.

      2 months later, mid May, it returned once again and this time it lasted for approx 3 weeks and then went away for 1-2 weeks. In mid June it returned once again and has more or less been there until now. Some days are better, but for the most part I have this sensation.

      It just feels like I have this small crunch or hair inside of my mouth that won't go away. I've done everything possible but it doesn't help. At nights when I brush my teeth I get some relief. Either the sensation disappears for a time or the sensation gets less intense.
    2. Mister Muso

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      2007 / April 2019
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      Loud music
      Had any dental work just before it? Some injections can damage the nerve temporarily, mainly injections into the lower jaw, causing these type of sensations possibly.
    3. Anny_Wish1

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      Perhaps this is a manifestation of an allergic reaction
    4. JohnAdams

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      May 1st 2018
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
    5. Ecip

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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      Maybe you have a hair stuck in your mouth.

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