Why Do I Have Tinnitus?

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      Hi guys i am a 16 year old male, and about 4 days ago I have had this high pitched ringing noise coming from my left ear. On the first day, when I woke up, my ears felt normal, but after a hour or so of playing computer games, my ears felt full and muffled, however I ignored it and continued playing. Later when I got off the computer I noticed that my ear stared to ring and it continued to ring for the rest of the day. The second day, I didn't really notice the ringing but the 3rd day and 4th became more noticeable. I'm wondering if this tinnitus is temporary or permanent. Any help would be great.

      A bit more about my noise/sound life.

      I listen to music frequently with earphones at around 3-5 bars on an one plus 2 android phone.
      I have accidentally turn volume high (near max) a few times and quickly turned it low again.
      For the past 2 months I have traveled overseas quite a bit (6 times on plane).
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      Hi, sorry you are having problems, there are people on here who can give you good advice and help you as they helped me, I'm quite new but can tell you right now to stop using the headphones, no matter what level at this point they can harm your ears!
      I'm sorry I can't give you any more advice except no headphones and try to keep calm, you will be fine, you will get some lovely people who will give you some tips and care.

      Big hugs xxxxxx
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