Why Does My Tinnitus Reduce When I Press on My Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Arianaj, Mar 15, 2021.

    1. Arianaj

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      november 2020
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      Stress/music from headphones/medications/eustachian tube

      I really hope some of you guys can read this and comment if you have or had any experience with similar.

      From day one since I got tinnitus in November, the tinnitus goes down like 80% if I press my finger direct in one specific spot on my ear (with a mild pressure with my finger). It's crazy! It's one spot in my ear I have to press to reduce the high frequency sound.

      I am aware some people can manipulate their perception of tinnitus with their jaw or similar, but in my opinion this seems it has something to do with pressure or Eustachian tubes.

      What are your thoughts of what's causing my tinnitus? You can see in the picture where I can press my fingers to reduce the ringing.


      Thank you ❤️
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    2. mohn

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      @Arianaj, did your tinnitus subside or get cured by putting pressure on the ear? Did you take any medications yet?
    3. Stanlex

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      No reason
      I also have one low pitched ring in my right ear. When I press on it, plug it, or lie with this ear on a pillow then the ringing gets muted. If I didn't have other tones, that get louder when I plug my ear, I would buy one earplug and I would wear it 24/7 in my right ear and I would have no tinnitus lol.

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