Why Doesn't the FTC & "Related Groups" Go After Tinnitus Supplement Scammers?

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Contrast, Nov 12, 2020.

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      For those who don't know; the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is a US Government agency dedicated to consumer protectionism. Similar groups, like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in the private sector, do the same thing as well. Relating to the task of consumer protectionism is protecting consumers from false medical claims in advertisements. Something that many supplement companies I encountered have done. I made this thread because I am fed up with the FDA, FTC, BBB and related groups not laying the smack down on these corrupt supplement companies.

      I have witnessed supplement companies do some of the most dishonest things imaginable. Other than them having a 30-45 minute propaganda video; which they refer to as a VSL (Video Sales Letter), which is used to sell products. VSLs contain the following themes:
      • A video about a average Joe/Julie that has a chronic health problem; such as tinnitus, hearing loss, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer's, painful neuropathy.
      • The story will progress and the chronic health problem will lead to the character experiencing tragedies that affect their work, social life, love life.
      • The character will meet a Naturopath or other Alternative Researcher who has been doing unorthodox, top secret or rogue research. The Alternative Researcher offers to help the character in need.
      • The Alternative Researcher finds clues leading to a cure, by looking at the diets of indigenous people, exotic plants and herbs, and other things that truly are neglected by mainstream science.
      • The Alternative Researcher makes a miraculously breakthrough and finds a 100% miracle cure. Sometimes in the story a small scale clinical trial is conducted, which leads to success. The character in the VSL along with an alleged 50,000+ individuals are cured by the ingredients of the supplement.
      • The supplement is introduced, and the viewer is ordered to buy before the website is shutdown by Big Pharma.
      This is the common regurgitated theme. Companies also do things like pay people to flood online search results with propaganda. In example the first 10+ pages of Google and YouTube search results are flooded with crap from these companies. They use fake commentors and paid actors as well to "review their products". I've seen supplement companies directly claim their supplements can regenerate cochlear hair cells and reverse neurological changes caused by tinnitus. I've seen supplement companies make pathetic mistakes, showing they have no knowledge on tinnitus research. One company claimed that auditory amplification in the brain could cure hearing loss. They cited a study talking about the neurological changes associated with loudness hyperacusis. They perverted the research into making it look like those neurological changes were favorable for reversing hearing loss; The real study said no such thing. Another bogus scam claimed that lack of nerve fat around the auditory nerve is the root cause of tinnitus. The papers they cited made no mention of nerve fat degeneration being the root cause of tinnitus. The paper even pointed out that permanent nerve damage remained after the nerve fat regenerated. Another common rehashed theme used by several companies is that hair cells can rust/unrust and lack of nutrients and poor blood circulation in the cochlea cause it. Several companies have went on about how this subtype is the "real of cause of everyone's hearing loss." Once the blood flow is restored; everything will be fixed - they claim! The point is these scammers are coming up with nonsensical ideas and lying through their teeth.

      Why isn't the FTC or anyone doing anything about this? Recently the FTC sued Agora Financial for a phony diabetes cure. The whole point is other companies are doing the EXACT SAME THING and going under the radar. If the FTC wanted they could tackle all of them, but they don't. Why is this even a thing? Why doesn't anyone fight back!? These people are literally shitting all over us, laughing at tinnitus sufferers for being gullible fools and yet people fall for them.
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      I really wish I was had been following you back in November. That was just a couple of weeks Into my tinnitus and I was losing my ever loving mind. Scrambling for any insight or help in silencing this infernal ring.

      I'm not proud of it but I fell for the Synapse XT BS. My initial take was skeptical and I can usually see through the BS campaign. But in my state of mind I stupidly convinced myself this was going to be the cure all. I think some here may understand.

      Anyways... the last thing I wanted to do was get scammed. I had already begun taking the stuff when I learned of its bogus claim. So I sit here today... ears ringing... no sleep... happy new year BTW.

      Contemplating flushing false hope down the shitter. I hope the FDA or BBB can get their shit together and stomp out some of these con artists.

      Anyways. Thank you for your articles and efforts in investigating these jerks who feed on our fears and desires to just find relief.

      God Bless your efforts.
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      This almost occurred on my end as well. When I confronted my grandparents about this a few days after onset, all teared up and such, they took to the Internet to find a cure. A few options were found, some of which are on Amazon, but we held off at the time. One of them is Tinnitus 911 that was already addressed by Contrast. Looking back now, I see SynapseXT and Sonus Complete as well. When I had my last panic attack on Tuesday, my grandfather even offered to just buy it anyway just to see. I was doing so poorly that I almost took him up on that.

      When there's a condition that is so uncertain such as this, it is easy to jump to whatever looks like a quick solution when panicked. That is what makes the actions of those who promise it as a cure all the more evil. They are taking advantage of people who are wracked by tears and emotional turmoil. They are taking advantage of anxious, concerned grandparents who want their grandchild to get better. They are taking advantage of the very definition of vulnerable peoples.

      It's just another sad element of this whole situation. Snake oil is and always will be around, but it's great Contrast and others are doing the work that the government won't do, either out of ignorance, apathy, or culpability.
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      What sucks is when you get family members, who are concerned about you, suggesting you try these snake oil scams. It takes self control and tact not to become upset with them. After all, they are just trying to help.

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