Why Nobody Talks About Tinnitus at School?

Discussion in 'Support' started by kamil1364, Oct 8, 2020.

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      Only once we were warned that listening to headphones too loudly may cause some hearing loss. As you expect, no one gave a fuck about it.

      Just 15 minutes with an ENT and/or audiologist could literally save a handful of lives. They could show examples of tinnitus sounds, tell us it may be caused by loud noise exposure, educated as about safe time of exposure to certain decibels level (I mean 85 dB for 8 hours, every 3 dB higher halves the time). They should also tell us about impact it has on social life (pubs, restaurants, cinemas, even trains or buses), that there is no cure as for now, and it may get worse if you try to lead normal life again (if you say you have normal life after you habituated, look how many people wear earplugs while at cinema or in the noisy train)

      And I haven't even mentioned hyperacusis, which I don't suffer from and I can't even imagine horror of that on top of tinnitus.


      I was taught so much of useless stuff, so many wasted hours, and not even few minutes about tinnitus?

      I believe majority of tinnitus sufferers have it because of noise exposure, just think about how much of suffering it could take away from this world. Over my whole 12 years (and still counting) of education, not even a single word about tinnitus. It's absolutely unacceptable.
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      Would probably make it harder to recruit cannon fodder into the army for one, but I agree, it's a great point.

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