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      I've had T for about 5 years and habituated, but around 5 months ago it started getting worse and I am experiencing Hyperacusis along with multiple changes in loudness in the right ear. I am really freaked out and went to Audiologist who recommended Widex Zen Therapy. She also recommended a chiropractor since I can manipulate my tinnitus by multiple facial movements and yawning/ swallowing etc. the chiro did X-rays and noted Atlas out of alignment, Cervical issues around C-3-C-4, C-4-C-5, C-5-C-6 and Right sided TMJ. She was positive she could at least get me back to my previous less intrusive T and was sure the musculoskeletal issues are causing the spike since I have no detectable hearing loss. I've been adjusted 4 times now and feel like my T is actually worse. Chiro said it is normal to spike with manipulation, but should decrease soon. Not too sure about that, but she said she's seen it happen before. I have several sessions left and am hopeful, but realistic.

      I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with Widex or Chiropractors.


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      Chiropractors are a waste of money and your audiologist should be jailed for recommending one.

      I've seen many people get worse because of chiros. Wait it out and hope yours isn't permanently worse.

      Your audiologist recommends a Widex Zen Therapy because it costs $6,000 (I don't know the exact figure) and because she profits a thousand or two from the sale.

      Part of any audiologist's work is to sell criminally profitable hearing and masking devices.

      Did your audiologist show you what masking sounds Widex produces? Not everyone likes the fractal sounds.
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      I've been seeing chiro for over a year now and while I did experience some (shortlived) improvement the last 6 months have been a waste of money, no improvement at all.
      Had my session few days ago and I decided to make it my last.
      I would say give it a go few more times!
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      "A chiropractor" maybe a waste of money. However, when you find a world class chiropractor, your quality of life can be increased dramatically. I find someone saying "I tried a chiropractor before and it was a waste of money", not unlike saying ''I paid a barber to cut my hair once, but he messed up so I'm going to save my money and let it grow now" lol. Seriously, a highly experienced chiropractor is your best hope, if, that is IF you are experiencing hearing problems from a misaligned neck. The chiropractor has to successfully manipulate the vertebrae which is closest to your head, so it is possibly the most difficult task he/she will be asked to cure. I hope this helps just one person. More would be great though.
      Peace, quiet peace, and illumination.

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