Will I Ever Habituate to Non-Constant Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by flimflam, Sep 18, 2016.

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      G'day folks,

      Just had a question that I was hoping to get your opinion on something-

      I woke up five and a half weeks ago with a weird noise in my left ear in the middle of a bad cold. It is two distinct tones, one after the other. Starts out kind of low then goes high until it either stops or I no longer hear it (probably goes too high!). My completely unscientific descriptions sounds like toooooooteeeeeeee then either stops, or repeats a few times.

      During the first couple of weeks I heard it every morning and evening. However, now I am lucky enough I guess that the frequency has abated quite a bit and I only hear it maybe twice a week, always in the middle of the night. It wakes me up, I have a mild panic attack, and then eventually roll over to another side and try to sleep.

      Anyway, how does one habituate to something like this? It's not a constant buzz or ring that my brain will tune out. Instead it feels like a new intrusion every single time as I can go days without being bothered by it. While the frequency has diminished, the volume has stayed the same.

      I am still hoping this will go away as quick as it came! I am hoping it isn't noise induced as I haven't been to a club in years, the only thing loud my ears go through are a some music on the iPhone but never to a point where they start aching or ringing after. My hearing test came back with no measurable hearing loss at all.

      But- as my cold has gone for about a month now, and my tones are still there- this is looking like something I will have to get used to :(

      Thanks in advance for any help! I might not reply as quick since I have been trying to distance myself from everything T related to try and keep my mind of this. But I will read and reply in time.

      Best regards,
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      Maybe a visit to the doctor is necessary.
      One month colds and tinnitus is a bad combination.
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      probably. my tinnitus is extremely variable. I manage to not think about it a lot of the time.

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