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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by flobo, Jul 5, 2019.

    1. flobo

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      Calais, France
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      25-30 minutes of first ever concert
      I first got tinnitus a little over two years ago after a a single acoustic trauma.

      Tinnitus, hyperacusis, reactive tinnitus.
      The first few weeks, the sound of a clock ticking hurt me.
      The sound of the sea waves outside or the sound of the wind did the same, and made my tinnitus react and increase for a few hours if I exposed myself.

      At first, I tried to do what the doctors recommended and sleep with enrichment sounds, not overprotect, try to expose myself to "normal" sounds and not overprotect.

      This didn't work, I didn't improve for months.

      Then I stopped listening to doctors, psychiatrists and decided to listen to my body.

      Sounds hurt, therefore should be avoided.

      I overprotected like crazy. For a few months, I slept with earplugs and Peltor X5A. I always wore at least earplugs outside with the peltor ready for whenever something was loud.

      Things started to improve. I manage to drive again (at first with both Peltor + earplugs, then with earplugs only).
      I managed to take the subway again, in the beginning for short trips because it started to hurt after a few minutes but slowly longer trips.

      Each time I went too far (like a year ago when I went in a noisy shopping center for too long), I overprotected again for a few days/weeks afterward.

      Nowadays, I'm hardly using the Peltor anymore but still have it just in case.

      I have stopped wearing my left earplug most of the time, as hyperacusis is gone there.
      I'm still wearing my right earplug most of the time outside as there is still a bit of leftover hyperacusis there (but it's nothing compared to what it was).

      About tinnitus, it went down for a high pitch whistle to a low buzzing sound, which I hardly notice anymore.

      I just went to see a movie for the first time in 2 years last week and everything went fine (took earplugs and Peltor just in case for the noisy moments).

      I feel cured.
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    2. Blodorn

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      I'm glad you feel cured!

      I did the contrary, I kept exposing myself to noise and I avoided silence as much as possible. My hyperacusis is now gone. Each case is different indeed!

      About my tinnitus, it's been just a month since it came in my life so it is great to hear that you can feel cured with time.

      Wish you the best! :)
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    3. Sevv

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      Loud concert
      You sure have patience man! My H has also gone down further. Now only the loud laughing of certain women is painful, before it was most of them. >_>
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    4. Bill Bauer
      No Mood

      Bill Bauer Member Hall of Fame

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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma

      I am very happy for you.

      I am surprised you took that risk.
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    5. magiccat

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      Noice Induced
      When did you start seeing improvements in your tinnitus? Congrats on your success!
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    6. Andy9214

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      Hearing test
      When you first had the acoustic trauma did it come along with ear fullness? If so, how long did it take for that to improve?

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